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Five Things In IT This Week - December 27th - December 3rd

Posted by Brian Dooley on Dec 4, 2016 8:12:00 AM

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1. Kangaroo ransomware encrypts your data and locks your system


  • Traditional has encrypted a user's data and left them with the option of paying the ransom or restoring the data.
  • This new variant also attempts to lock the user out of the system until the ransom is paid.



 2. ESG Labs has validated DellEMC's claims for VxRail


  • Super-fast deployment and scalability
  • Over 250,000 IOPS per node



 3. Gooligan malware has hit 1M Google Accounts


  • Android malware that attempts to steal email addresses and authentication tokens
  • Targets Android 4 and 5



4. IOS crushes Android, Apple update over one hundred times faster


  • This older article illustrates the difference between security updates within a closed system (IOS) and an open system (Android)
  • The ability for manufactures and developers to keep IoT and mobile devices updated should be part of the systems evaluation criteria



5. How Nvidia went from powering video games to revolutionizing artificial intelligence


  • Nvidia GPUs are being utilized to power AI systems
  • Tesla will use Nvida technology in all of their cares to enable autonomous driving



Topics: Ransomeware, VxRail, Gooligan Malware, IOS, Artificial Intelligence

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