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Five Things in IT This Week - Nov. 14th - Nov 18th

Posted by Brian Dooley on Nov 21, 2016 11:08:47 AM

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1. FriendFinder Networks Data Breach Compromises 400M Accounts

Our Thoughts: 

  • Your life online is NEVER 100% private.
  • Even if you're not the direct target, once your personal information is compromised by a third party you can instantaneously become the target.

Full Article:,33023.html


2. More Than Half of Android Devices Run Outdated Browsers

Our Thoughts:

  • The security of mobile devices should be a concern to everyone from business owners to employees. 
  • When using a personal device in a BYOD program, employees must ensure they have a security PIN/password that is not similar or related to passwords used for personal accounts. 
  • Devices owned by companies should be updated and monitored by IT staff.

Full Article


3. Microsoft joins Linux Foundation in another step toward greater openness

Our Thoughts:

  • Microsoft is making a move to support the competing open source Linux
  • This is a significant shift under the new CEO
  • Microsoft will release one of its flagship products (SQL) to run on Linux

Full Article:


4. Department of Homeland Security Issues IoT Guidelines, Seeks 'Coordinated Disclosure of Vulnerabilities'

Our Thoughts:

  • Many devices are connected to the internet without a security plan or protection.
  • These devices can be hacked, i.e. cars, home automation, refrigerators...
  • These devices can be harnessed to attack larger systems as in the DDOD Internet attack last month

Full Article:


 5. UK hackers use customer mobile data to steal their upgrade phones

Our Thoughts:

  • Employees must be trained in how to keep customer information secured.
  • Two factor authentication should be considered as an employee log-in. And that information should not be share to anyone. 

Full Article:


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